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Romantic date ideas.Fun dating ideas.Creative date ideas.


by Megyn D. Cox

If someone asks me out on yet one more "dinner and a movie" date I'm going to scream. Doesn't anyone have a brain or an imagination anymore?

I had so many better dates in college where we didn't have any money - we simply had to come up with fun things to do to entertain ourselves.

Dinner and a movie is an easy cop-out because it doesn't take any thought and certainly no preparation. But I'd nearly give my first born child for another "real" date. Like where you go and "do stuff."

Recently I have met my savior - my dating savior that is. Michael Webb (who is widely known as "Mr. Romance") has recently put out a book, 300 Creative Dates. Now I have read other "dating ideas" books and this one is the cream of the crop. He deserves to call his dates "creative."

Don't let this get back to Michael, but with enough creative (and inexpensive) dates in this book to last for nearly 6 years of weekly date nights, he is charging far too little.

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Romantic date ideas.Fun dating ideas.Creative date ideas.