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1. The Complete Guide to Kissing
Step-by-step instructions and kissing techniques.

2. How to Seduce Any Woman
How to seduce a woman easily and properly. Three eBooks.

3. How to Play the Guitar Like a Pro
Video lessons, sound files and step-by-step instructions.

4. The Simple Golf Swing
The number 1 rated golf instruction system on the Web.

5. Get Paid For Taking Surveys
Earn up to $150 for completing simple 10-20 minute surveys
and participating in forums.

6. The Bad Breath Report
Eliminate bad breath using common household ingredients.

7. Government Auctions
Find out where and when government auctions are held in your area.

8. Free Satellite TV Guide
Free ebook download: How to get free satellite TV.

9. Questions for Couples
How well do you know your partner? Ask these questions
and you might be surprised.

10. Romantic Marriage Proposals
The most interesting marriage proposal stories.


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